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  • National Pension Holiday Comes to an End

    The national pension holiday comes to an end on 30 September 2022. Employers, employees and self-employed persons will once again resume mandatory pension contributions as required by the National Pension Act (2012 Revision).

    Published 4th October 2022, 2:57pm Press Release

  • FAQ Pension Holidays

    The National Pensions Holiday was established by the National Pensions (Amendment) Act, 2020 and occurred from 1st April 2020 to 30th September 2022, as a result of several subsequent Orders issued by the Cabinet.

    Published 3rd October 2022, 11:30am Press Release

  • National Pensions (Maximum Pensionable Earnings) Order, 2022

    National Pensions Act (2012 Revision) NATIONAL PENSIONS (MAXIMUM PENSIONABLE EARNINGS) ORDER, 2022 (SL 42 of 2022) Supplement No. 1 published with Legislation Gazette No. 39 dated 29th September, 2022.

    Published 3rd October 2022, 10:30am Press Release

  • Public Holiday Guidance

    Monday, 19 September, 2022, has been declared a public holiday in honour of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II State Funeral.

    Published 15th September 2022, 10:15am Press Release

  • September New Deadline for Pension Holiday

    The ongoing national pension holiday will continue until 30 September 2022.

    Published 27th June 2022, 12:30pm Press Release

  • DLP Director Approves Increase in Annual Pensions Disbursement

    The Department of Labour & Pensions has increased the annual disbursement of funds under Retirement Savings Arrangements (RSA) by 3.3 percent to match the 2021 rise in the Cayman Islands' cost of living. This means that individuals who receive funds through an RSA, will get access to more funds annually.

    Published 17th May 2022, 9:47am Press Release

  • Pension Holiday Gets Final Extension to June 2022

    By way of Cabinet Order, in accordance with section 1(3) of the National Pensions (Amendment) Act 2020, the national pension holiday has received a final extension through 30 June 2022.

    Published 16th March 2022, 3:52pm Press Release

  • Pension Holiday Extension To March 2022

    As the Cayman Islands Government continues its COVID-19 recovery plan, a Cabinet Order, in accordance with section 1(3) of the National Pensions (Amendment) Act 2020, has extended the national pension holiday for an additional three months through 31 March 2022.

    Published 1st December 2021, 3:30pm Press Release

  • International Transfers

    Published 27th August 2021, 12:30pm Press Release

  • National Pensions (Amendment) Act 2020 - (Extension of Pension Holiday) Order, 2021

    National Pensions (Amendment) Act, 2020 (Act 12 of 2020) NATIONAL PENSIONS (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2020 (EXTENSION OF PENSION HOLIDAY) ORDER, 2021 (SL 46 of 2021) Supplement No. 1 published with Legislation Gazette No. 36 dated 17th June, 2021.

    Published 25th June 2021, 10:45am Press Release

  • Invitation to Tender - DTC/DLP/T2021/002

    DTC/DLP/T2021/002 - Supply Of Janitorial Services and Supplies In Grand Cayman.

    Published 4th May 2021, 9:44am Press Release