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A complaint can be received from anyone.

Once a Department of Labour and Pensions (DLP) employee recognizes that a member of the public or a fellow civil servant is not satisfied, they will inform him or her of the Dissatisfaction of Service procedure.

The complainant will be asked to complete a Dissatisfaction of Service Complaint Form and return it to the DLP office.

If it is not possible for the complainant to complete the Dissatisfaction of Service Complaint Form then it is recommended that the staff member records the complainantís details on the Form and make a file note.

Once the Dissatisfaction of Service Complaint Form is received by the staff member, it is numbered, date stamped and forwarded to the DLPís Complaints Manager by the close of business on the date received. If the Dissatisfaction of Service Complaint Form is completed in person at the office, then the complainant will receive a copy of the stamped form with their complaint number. If the Dissatisfaction of Service Complaint Form is received via any other method, a copy of the stamped complaint form with the relevant complaint number will be provided to the complainant along with written notification of receipt within 2 days. Additionally, the Complaints Manager will indicate the time-frame in which the complaint will be addressed.

All complaints will be addressed and a report issued within 30-45 calendar days, dependent on the complexity of the complaint.

The Department is committed to addressing all concerns and complaints in a professional, courteous and timely manner.

The Dissatisfaction of Service Complaints process of the DLP will protect the complainantís right of confidentiality. Only individuals directly related to the review of the complaint will be given access to complainantís information. If the complaints relate to the performance of a particular individual, the complainant will be asked to confirm that they are willing for the elements of the complaint to be shared with the individual before additional information is gathered.

All concerned parties will be given the opportunity to gather and provide all relevant information regarding the matter.

The Dissatisfaction of Service Complaint process must be concluded with the decision presented in writing. The written report/letter should include the complaint and the reasons which support the decision made. The reasons will be given in plain language and in sufficient detail (judged in light of the gravity of the complaint) to allow the complainant to understand the results.

If after contacting the (DLP) you still feel dissatisfied, please contact the Office of the Complaints Commissioner.

Last Updated 2016-05-10