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A Class of Information is a way of collecting together similar types of information. The Department of Labour and Pensions has grouped its Classes of Information into broad categories, by functions which reflect its major areas of responsibility. If you are intending to make a request, the following Classes of Information will help you explain more precisely which records you are seeking, or where the information may be found:


  • Registration of Pension Plans
    Registration and annual renewal of registration of all private sector pensions plans under the National Pensions Act. – access restricted by the National Pensions Act
  • Administration of the National Pensions Board
    Provision of administrative services to the National Pensions Board
  • Compliance and Enforcement
    Activities relating to the compliance and enforcement of the National Pensions Act and Labour Act– accessible by FOI Request
  • Administration of the National Pensions Act and Labour Act
    Activities relating to the general administration of the National Pensions Act and Labour Act
  • Human Resources Management
    Administering the public authority’s human resources in accordance with the Public Service Management Law and internal Ministry and Government guidance.
  • Financial Management
    Management of all departmental monetary resources allocated through Cabinet and other sources

Last Updated 2021-03-22