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The Department of Labour and Pensions (DLP) is a relatively new Department that was established in 2012, to oversee the employer compliance aspects of the work previously undertaken by both the Department of Employment Relations and the National Pensions Office.

The DLP is intended to provide a more effective one-stop shop for all labour and pension services and enable a system of proactive workplace inspections to be instituted. This will promote compliance with both Labour and Pensions legislation while at the same time causing good employers minimum inconvenience.

The DLP comprises of three (3) regulatory units, as well as the secretarial services for the Labour Tribunal and Labour Appeals Tribunal. These Units are:

  1. Labour Investigations Unit
  2. Pensions Investigations Unit
  3. Labour and Pensions Inspections Unit

The DLP has a Director of Labour and Pensions who is assisted by a Deputy Director (Labour), a Deputy Director (Pensions) and a Head of Inspections. The Deputy Director (Labour) oversees the Labour Investigations Unit, the Deputy Director (Pensions) oversees the Pensions Investigations Unit and the Head of Inspections oversees the Labour & Pensions Inspections Unit. Both Deputies are responsible for recommending prosecutions for non-compliance with the Labour Law and the National Pensions Law & Regulations and for assisting the Director of Public Prosecutions with legal proceedings in criminal court.

Last Updated 2016-05-20