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The Labour and Pensions Inspections Unit, which is headed by the Head of Inspections, deals mainly with proactive workplace inspections that are seeking compliance with any and all labour and pensions related legislation. In the first instance, this will mean the various components of the Labour Act and the employer compliance aspects of the National Pensions Act. Where a contravention has been established and the employer refuses to remedy the contravention, or where an offence has been committed under the Labour Act or under the National Pensions Act, the Head of Inspections will refer the contravention or offence to the relevant Deputy. These would include contraventions such as non-payment of overtime or gratuities or non-payment of contributions to a pension plan.

This Unit will contribute to the training of private sector employers on all areas of the Labour Act and the National Pensions Act in an effort to continually improve employers’ understanding of the Acts as well as their compliance.

Last Updated 2021-02-11