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The Labour Investigations Unit in the DLP, which is headed by the Deputy Director (Labour), deals mainly with individual disputes of rights regarding matters such as non-payment of vacation pay, sick leave etc.… or labour complaints regarding severance pay or unfair dismissals and refers unresolved complaints to be heard by the Labour Tribunal.

The Labour Investigations Unit also carries out in-depth investigations into organisations that may have breached the Labour Act. Where an infraction has been established and the employer refuses to remedy the infraction, or where an offence has been committed under the Labour Act such as non-payment of overtime or gratuities, the Deputy Director will manage the compilation of the evidence, the preparation cases and make recommendations to the Director for prosecution by the DPP.

This Unit will contribute to the training of private sector employers on all areas of the Labour Act in an effort to continually improve employers’ understanding of the Act as well as their compliance.

Last Updated 2021-02-11