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Amy Wolliston, Deputy Director (Pensions) and Superintendent of Pensions

Amy Wolliston

Deputy Director (Pensions)

Ms. Amy Wolliston was reappointed as the Superintendent of Pensions with effect from the 21st December 2015. Prior to this, she was seconded from the National Pensions Office to the Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs to actively participate in the development of the proposed amendments to the National Pensions Law, as well as other projects.

Ms. Wolliston has been employed with the Cayman Islands Government since 1994. She has worked in the then Ministry of Human Resources as Assistant Secretary responsible for Pensions and has served as a member of the National Pensions Board. Ms. Wolliston initially joined the National Pensions Office in April 2002 and was appointed as the Deputy Superintendent in July 2003.

Following a one year acting appointment, Ms. Wolliston was formally appointed as the Superintendent of Pensions in October 2010, a position she held until her secondment with the Ministry in late 2012.

Ms. Wolliston holds a Masters of Public Administration and a Bachelor of Information Studies from Syracuse University which she earned in 2001 and 1992, respectively. In addition, she holds a Certificate of Achievement in Public Plan Policy from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. She has attended various pensions training courses and seminars including opportunities offered by the World Bank, Oxford University, the Public Administration International and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. In her capacity as the Superintendent of Pensions, Ms. Wolliston has served on the Executive Council of the Caribbean Association of Pension Supervisors.

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