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The Pensions Investigation Unit in the DLP, which is headed by the Deputy Director (Pensions), will deal with all aspects of employer compliance arising under the National Pensions Law and will be responsible for ensuring such compliance through the investigation of all employer-related pension complaints.

The Pension Investigation Unit also carries out in-depth investigations into organisations that may have breached the National Pensions Law. An investigation may arise from a complaint received or from information arising out of an inspection undertaken by the DLP. Where an infraction has been established, the Deputy Director (Pensions) will be responsible for the administration of any applicable fixed penalties and, in accordance with standard operating procedures, for the compilation of evidence, preparation of cases and making of recommendations to the Director for prosecution by the DPP.

This Unit will contribute to the training of private sector employers on all areas of the National Pensions Law in an effort to continually improve employers’ and self-employed persons’ understanding of the Law as well as their compliance.

Last Updated 2016-05-11